Our crew recently mitigated a large private lot in the Black Forest. Here are some before and after pictures.

Pine Trees and Debris
Fire Mitigation - AFTER
Black Forest, Colorado - Lot
Cleaned Up Monument, Colorado Area Lot
Tree Shear

Lind Tree Service recently introduced a new tree shear tool that makes tree removal quick and easy. This new piece of equipment makes tree removal, especially in burned out areas in the Black Forest of Colorado, quick and easy, which saves our clients time and money. Check out this video demonstration of our new tree shear in action. For a quote on tree removal, fire mitigation, pruning, chipping, or other landscaping or planting needs, please give us a call at (719) 649-2133 or fill out our form here.


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A healthy tree is the best protection against the pine beetle and other harmful insects. To improve the health of your trees remove weak, dead, broken limbs, diseased or interfering branches. Proper tree care minimizes the risk of storm damage. With proper tree pruning you can gain clearance for streets, homes, sidewalks, driveways, & structures.

Tree Care Tips – Take advantage of our discounted winter rates and get a jump on your spring tree care. Give us a call for a free inspection and consultation on your trees and plants.

Planting Trees – Lind tree service uses the highest quality trees and will help you decide on the best tree species & location for your new tree investment. Using the latest tree planting techniques & modern equipment we have the highest success rate & guarantee our work.

Pruning Trees – Proper pruning is essential to the health of your trees. A properly pruned tree not only adds to the beauty of your trees but also is the best defense against the mountain pine beetle, IPS beetle, mistletoe & other diseases.

Slash Chip Mulch – We will chip your slash, dead limbs, shrub clipping on site, mulching around your trees benefits their overall health.

Dangerous Tree Removal – Our climbing technicians use the latest climbing techniques and have years of extensive climbing experience to safely remove the most difficult trees.

Snow Removal and Firewood Sales – We offer residential snow removal and firewood sales at discounted prices. Call for current prices on split pine and split hardwood.

tree (1)

Here are some examples. Trees: Birch, Conifers, Deciduous,Elm, Evergreen, Fruit Trees, Maples, Pondarosa, Fir, White Pine, Douglas Fir, Cottonwood, Oak, Olive, Pine, Poplar, Spruce, Scrub Oak.