View Improvement

Pikes-Peak-Mountain-View-Colorado-Springs-ColoradoYou’ve purchased that amazing home, but the million-dollar-mountain view or view of the city or valley is being obstructed by a large tree or various pine trees. Maybe you want a clean view of the mountains? Or maybe you want to frame the view by trimming back your trees? Lind Tree Service is here to help! Our skilled arborists can carefully and quickly remove or trim trees in order to give you that breathtaking view from your deck, family room, or other room in your home. Here is our process for improving your view:
  1. First we look for trees that are overcrowded, unhealthy, have broken tops or split tops, or trees that are growing up into other trees. We also look for trees hit by lightning, diseased trees, and any trees with Mountain Pine Beetle or Ips Beetle.
  2. Second, if you live in the Black Forest or other area with vast amounts of pine trees, we identify all the unhealthy trees that should be removed for normal forest health and fire mitigation
  3. Third, we create a “frame” of the mountain peak, or other view you are looking for, by trimming certain limbs off the trees. In order to best create your spectacular view, we will have one arborist up in the tree with a radio and our “view improvement artist” on the deck or in the home with another radio. The two work together hand-in-hand in to take out only the trees and branches required to get that killer view!

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